These forms are available as a convenience. As they all have legal or tax implications, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney about the effect or impact of any of these forms. We can offer only non-legal advice, but are glad to be of assistance or to make a referral.


    Ancillary Charges Authorization Form   

    Bargain and Sale Deed Form    

    Buyer Affidavit   

    Closing Affidavit   

    CO/Smoke Alarm Affidavit Form    

    Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return TP584 Form    

    Entity Affidavit Form    

    FNMA/FHLMC Mortgage Form    

    HUD 1 Settlement Form     

    Owners/Sellers Affidavit   

    Real Estate Transfer Tax Return Supplemental TP584.1 Form    

    Real Property Transfer Report RP5217 Form  

    Section 255 Affidavit Form    

    Seller Affidavit   

    STAR (School Tax Relief Form)   

    Title Insurance Form