Rates & Fees

Real Property Abstract & Title Services, LLC

Title Insurance Rates

Approximate title insurance premiums can be obtained by utilizing the rate calculator. CLICK HERE. *Lenders or other insured may require policy endorsements which may carry separate charges

Title Insurance Rates in New York state are governed by the state under the supervision of the Department of Financial Services in cooperation with TIRSA. We will gladly furnish exact quotes for all premiums and charges.

Ancillary Fees and Charges

Ancillary information searches are subject to New York State sales tax which is in addition to stated fee. Fees are subject to change, for current amounts, please contact this office.

Examination and Research Charges
Abstract of Title (Full): $150–$500
Certificate of Good Standing (Certificate of Status): $100+
Franchise Tax Search: $30.00
Escrow Services start at: $50
Overnight Delivery: $25
Survey Inspection: $100
Certified copies of recorded documents: cost + $25
Bankruptcy Search: $100
Patriot Act Search: $50
Co-op: $350
Record Search / Full Last Owner: $75– $250
Judgment & Lien: $50– $100
Record Search / Foreclosure: $125– $250
Continuation Search: $25– $50
Construction Loan Continuation (after first 5): $200
UCC Search (State & County): $50 + cost of copies
Mortgage Payoff Charge ("Pickup"): $200

Municipal Searches
Fees are based upon residential properties, commercial rates may be higher. (A deposit of $200.00 will be taken prior to a search being ordered.)
Dutchess: $150– $350
Putnam: $150– $350
Orange: $150– $350
Ulster: $150– $350
Westchester: $150– $350
Rockland: contact office
Sullivan: contact office
Nassau & Suffolk: $300
Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, Staten Island: $200– $500
Commercial Properties: contact office

Recording Charges
Recording (Act Compliance) Charge: $50
Conveyance Notice on Residential Properties: $10
Deeds: $45 per document and $5 per page

These ancillary forms must accompany all deeds submitted:
NYS RPT-5217: $125 for 1-2 Family Residential and $250 All Other Properties
NYS TP 584: $5 per form
NYS Transfer Tax: $2 per portion of each $500 consideration
Local transfer tax may exist: contact office
Mortgages: $45 per document + $5 per page
Mortgage Tax: varies by county and property type (contact office)
Section 253 + 255 Affidavit: $5 each
These are actual charges collected by each county clerk.*

*Subtle differences exist between each county clerk's office. Most actual recording charges can be obtained from each clerk's website. A general NYS County link is available here. New York State
Our office would be glad to review your documents with you for exact recording charges and suitability for clerk requirements.